Prome kómiko buki den papiamentu

Can you read that title? Chances are not so much, but that doesn't make it any less cool. See, that right there is Papiamento, the native language of the Netherland Antilles and more specifically Curacao. This is kind of a big deal because Amigoe says that the language you see up there has finally made its way to a comic book (the text above means "First comic book in Papiamento"). Olamot is a book from Jennifer Gomperts. Gomperts studied media-technology in Jilversum, graphic design in Amsterdam and received a Master of Arts in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation at the Portsmouth University in England. All of which would make her soundly qualified to create a comic book. Whats Olamot about you ask? The title of the book is derived from the Hebrew "olam," which means "world" or "long time." The book is essentially channeling Gomperts' view of life through a comic book. You can check out more on the Olamot website. I'm going to be honest with you though, the site is in what appears to be Papiamento. Anyways, if you like what you see head on over and check it out. A quick Babelfish page translation may make the website slightly more digestable if you're of the non-Netherland Antilles variety. Prome kómiko buki den papiamentu


  1. I think a field trip is in order to delve further into this story. I know a great place to stay and do research


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