Red 5 Comics Presents Drone

There's a new type of warfare in this day and age, where robots and unmanned drones do the fighting to keep humans out of harm's way. With improving technology and advancements in robotics pretty soon all war will be fought by a group of people in a control room. Red 5 Comics sees this switch on the battlefield and addresses it in comic book form with their new title Drone. Drone is an all new action packed comic that takes its cues from the 1980’s film Wargames and the stylish futuristic robot fighting you see in movies to bring the future of war. Taking place in the not to distant future, the United States reimagines modern warfare by creating and implementing new lethal remote controlled drones. To the world’s superpowers these new implements of war are powerful and useful, making them prime targets to copy and outright steal if possible. What began as an exciting new experiment in the future of war turns into an outright nightmare as a group of terrorist steal a batch of Drones. Stealing them does nothing however until the same group find a way to lock out their controllers. The only hope to regain control of these now renegade Drones in the hands of a group of hackers. Except don't expect Angelina Jolie. The new comic is a four-issue monthly mini-series that is going to start in November. It's created by Red 5 Comics co-founder Scott Chitwood, with art by Randy Kintz and colors by Garry Henderson. I am excited for this comic series to debut as they take on an interesting topic that affects us in this day and age. Think about it. The ability to wage war without risking any human life for the ones you love using the drones is a boon to winning a war. Without having to risk personal safety they can do more hard jobs that would certainly be the death of a human beings. This is definitely a comic I'm going to pick up next month. Visit your local comic shop during the month of September to pre-order this exciting new tale. Red 5 Comics Presents Drone