Review - 28 Days Later #2

Well folks, we’re back again with another comic from Boom! Studios, 28 Days Later #2. Written in the timeframe between 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, the story follows Selena (the refugee from London) and Clint Harris and his band of war reporters. They are breaking the quarantine to report what is really happening in the UK with the rage virus. At this point you and I are probably thinking the same thing: this guy is either really stupid or really naïve. He seems to think that just because he has been through a few wars, he has an idea what the quasi zombie apocalypse would be like, ridiculous. And dangerous. In the first issue Clint recruited Selena and they were attempting to meet a contact to take a boat to a weak point in the quarantine guard. En route their helicopter was shot down and they quickly encountered some infected. The crew is comprised of the typical comic book fodder, a medic, a few extras that I’m certain will be zombie food, the badass asshole with a heart of gold, the leader (Clint) and the survivor outcast (Selena) who rubs everyone the wrong way but is also the only one who seems to appreciate what they are up against. Read on for a review of issue #2… We pick things up where Selena has just used her machete to effectively put down two infected that were attacking. The reporters do their thing and take some pictures of the carnage. Derrick (aforementioned heart of gold man) gets mad as Selena tells him the idea of returning to the chopper is just an invitation to be shot at by fighter jets. Soon more infected appear on the horizon and the group makes a break for a nearby building. Derrick has to pick the lock as the infected are approaching, the door opens and everyone falls inside at the last moment and close and lock the door. Rage doesn’t leave much room for thoughts of self preservation, and the infected splatters his head against the glass. Needing transportation Derrick and Selena make a run for a van in the parking lot as the rest of the group explores the building. Selena holds off the infected with some expert head splitting machete shots while Derrick hotwires the vehicle. Much to Selena’s dismay, it seems Derrick has acted on his obvious disdain for her, and he drives away leaving her to fend off what is a quickly increasing horde of infected. Meanwhile inside the building two of the crew offer to help Clint look for weapons. As they search the building they hear what sounds like a moan coming from within a pitch black doorway. One of the members steps into a doorway to check if someone is hurt (of COURSE neither person has a flashlight). Hirsch, the member who fell, says he has found the service elevator and that something soft broke his fall. His partner uses a flash to light up the compartment, and we are greeted with a horror scene of six infected and God only knows what else on the floor of the elevator. Hirsch jumps out of the elevator somehow only losing a shoe. Problem is…these aren’t your mom and dad’s zombies, these are rage infected, and they can jump and climb just like you and I. Back in the parking lot Selena is on the run. She has cut down quite a few infected but then she stumbles. As she goes down it looks like our heroine is actually going to be a bit player that dies pretty early. At the last moment Derrick returns and runs down the lone infected remaining. Derrick informs her that they may not see eye to eye all the time, and he may act tough, but he will NEVER leave someone behind. There’s that heart of gold. Of course back in the building things aren’t looking great either as the infected are quickly coming out of the woodwork. Just as things seem bad Selena and Derrick crash through the wall in the van and everyone piles in. Hirsch has cut his foot, and we learn that he knows he is fine because he was a field medic. Selena holsters her machete once this has been cleared up. They arrive at the location where the boat is docked and unload for some supplies. Where do you go? To The Winchester of course (hehe)! They pile into a bar for a quick rest and recharge before the next leg of the trip. The group is gambling at a table and just relaxing, when suddenly Hirsch (again…) backs into the room with an infected on his tail. Why he was off exploring alone again…I do not know. In the final frame we see him holding his arm, Hirsch…is infected. Frankly…Hirsch had it coming. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…you know the rest. They had already encountered the infected several times and Hirsch was still wandering around. The question is, who will have the fortitude to finish him off and how will the group react? This story continues to develop and become more and more interesting. I actually really enjoyed the interactions between the group in between the action. They are growing into a unit before our eyes. I figure in 2 more issues all the dead weight will be dead and we’ll be left with Clint, Selena, Derrick and maybe one other person. The book succeeds in creating the same tension that the movie did which is a very good thing. The artwork is dark and appropriate, the action is intense, and once again I found myself thoroughly enjoying the book. Pick this one up (it hit shelves September 16) and you won’t be disappointed.