Review - The Darkness/Pitt #2

The Darkness/Pitt #2 is the second of three in the series and definitely does more in the way of setting up an epic finale than anything. If you haven't read the first issue then really this review won't do you any good (and the first issue is free to read on comiXology). If you have read it and want to know if Tim, Pitt and Jackie spend the evening together drinking tea and regaling each others with tales of heroics then read on for the review. Most of the issue takes place at Jackie's mansion, where Tim is eagerly taking in gangster films and pizza. Jackie even makes the offer of all the pizza he wants to order. Pitt isn't too keen on Jackie's actions and uses it as an opportunity to lay into humans. Pitt doesn't appreciate that humans are very narrow-minded in their view of the world. They fail to acknowledge that there are more species out in the universe other than just humans. This means that Jackie won't possibly understand what he's facing, a theme that is prevalent throughout the issue. Essentially, the alien invasion is a virus that is rapidly consuming everything. It settled on Earth for a few reasons. The first is the that the climate is perfect for gestation, meaning they can propagate themselves rather quickly. The second is because humans are stupid (and I say this being one). As Pitt mentioned earlier, their views on life make them susceptible to charging into situations with reckless abandon. This works well for the alien virus because if they even touch a human the virus is spread in sort of a zombie-exponential way. As Pitt tells Jackie all this the FBI are observing the entire conversation, but Jackie knows and decides to get a move on. The trio reach what appears to be an abandoned frigate. Not quite abandoned though as it's serving as a home for the alien virus. Remember that reckless abandon in humans mentioned above? Yeah Jackie proves Pitt's point well. He charges head first into the darkness expecting it to allow him to use his power until he realizes that the aliens are a tad smarter than that and it's all an illusion. It's not dark at all. All the while the FBI have followed the trio to the boat and have set up a perimeter around the frigate. A perimeter that's useless when the aliens create their own perimeter and add some more to their ranks. The issue ends with Tim, Pitt and Jackie surrounded by a slew of infected. As mentioned above this was one of those "let's set everything up" issues, which isn't a bad thing. What Jenkins and Keown are crafting in this series is a somewhat poetic view of the things humans take for granted. Pitt emerges as the sane and rational thinker while Jackie reflects everything rash about people. The last issue should feature full doses of Darkness and an enraged Pitt kicking alien ass and hopefully staving off the infection. I've never really gotten into the Darkness and it's been ages since I last read Pitt but I really like what's happening here. Hopefully Top Cow revives Pitt in some way so that he becomes more of a regular. Will they be successful? One could assume yes, but you've got to read the next issue to find out. I'd highly recommend it. Use the below interiors as a basis for your opinion when you're staring at this one in the comic book shop.