Review - Drone #1

To think that war will one day be fought by robots is an eerie thought. Could those same robots eventually turn on us? In this new comic series from Red 5 Comics called Drone that question will be answered. I had the distinct pleasure of reading the first issue and offering my review for you fine folks. They merge the ideas of video games and fighting war together in this new tale of the advanced technology the United States government can (and most likely will) create. This story starts off in the not too distant future, where robots are being created to fight wars for the United States. These robots are remotely controlled via satellite from a base in North America and are sent on their first mission as a test to find a certain terrorist. Unknowing to the military controllers is a young group of hackers that have found their way into the live control feed between the robots and the soldiers controlling them. After being amazed at how realistic and video game like it all seems the hackers are excited about the possibilities of being able to control one of the robots. It is at this point that all hell breaks loose for the ground team that is with the robots. This issue sets up the established sides of who the villains are and who the heroes are. The robots get shut down when the controllers log off, leaving the ground crew defenseless when they are attacked by a terrorist group. The terrorists are seeking to take control of the robots for their own evil plans and once they lock out the military from controlling them, one of the hackers decides to act. After seeing all but one technician killed by the terrorist, he takes control of one of the robots scaring off the attackers. But for how long? This issue leaves us at the climax on what will happen next and how this story is going to go. Overall, it was an interesting read, as there was a bit of action in it and I liked how it was drawn. They didn’t go for the over-the-top gore and blood squirting out of every wound; rather, it was classy where it was some blood being shown and not buckets worth. Plus, they established the overall tone and story with this issue so that let's you know that the next issue is going to kick it up a notch (or at least that's my feeling). Great first issue for what I'm sure will be an exciting new comic book series that you need to pick up when it comes out in November.