Review - Heroes: Chapter 3 - Ink

Heroes started up again last week and delivered a solid but not spectacular season premiere that brought viewers up to speed on last season while at the same time set the groundwork for the season. Lots of potential here if the writers can keep things going. Has the second chapter kept up the momentum? Or has the mid-season swoon already kicked in? Read on. Samuel can apparently control the Earth, which extends to ink as well (not quite sure how that works but I'm sure we'll find out). This ability works well when say you need to strangle someone with a tattoo fist or change some newspapers. Why? To sue Peter Petrelli. See, Samuel thinks that Peter will be beneficial to him "at his table" and comes up with a scheme to sue Peter for malpractice. Except Peter knows that Samuel wasn't on the bus until he heads back to his apartment to check the newspaper clipping. Surprise! Samuel was on the bus! At least, that's how it looked when Samuel hero-shopped (the superhero version of Photoshopped) himself into the clipping with his ink power. Peter will now be helping Samuel in some way, however we don't know what that way is yet. And he's got a tattoo compass spinning on his forearm. Gretchen is "pushing" Claire to reveal herself. That's what she does afterall: push. I really hope they're not making it that easy by implying that Gretchen pushed Claire's roommate out the window to get her to "come out." Anyways, she dines with Claire and her dad, the entire time needling Claire about her ability to heal, thinking that Mr. Bennett doesn't know. Of course he knows though, and uses her bathroom absence to start calling the Haitian. Claire promises him if he does call that she'll cut him off completely, meaning he doesn't call. Gretchen comes back and mentions to Claire that she was made fun of in school for being bulemic, most likely the reason she excused herself to the bathroom. What comes next is a pseudo-lesbian scene between the two of them where instead of sharing a kiss they share Gretchen plunging scissors into Claire's hands to watch it heal. I really don't like the tone of this storyline. Claire is off at school discovering life and what not until Gretchen moves in and forms an unhealthy obsession with her. I've never been a big fan of any storylines involving Claire and this one's not doing her any favors. It's only a matter of time until Gretchen pulls a single white female and things really escalate. Parkman and Sylar are easily my favorite parts of this season so far. I've always felt that those two are truly the most powerful characters in the show, and what Sylar is doing to Parkman is downright insane. Literally. Parkman is on the job looking for drugs until Sylar convinces him that there's more than drugs in the house. There's a little girl being held for ransom, as evidenced by the pink bunny Parkman finds in the house. It isn't until Parkman beats the crap out of the guy does he realize there is no little girl. It was all an illusion. Sylar can still use his powers from inside Parkman and convinces him there's more there than drugs, prompting Parkman to lose it. Afterwards, Parkman gives in and wipes the memory of his partner, convincing him that Parkman wasn't out of line and was defending him from the attacker. Parkman has officially lost it. If this show keeps up with Parkman and Sylar I'll be looking forward to every week's episode. The idea that either Parkman or Nathan will lose it any minute is going to be great. And when either of those two lose it, Sylar will be unleashed and pissed. Hopefully we're moving towards an epic battle between Sylar and Samuel, but knowing this show's past it'll be some muddied alliance against Sylar. I really hope I'm wrong. Next week's episode shows more Nathan hallucinating via memories and slowly unraveling himself. It's like Parkman, Sylar and Nathan are three different aspects of the same person and it's really fascinating. No Hiro, Traci or Nathan/Angela this week, which is fine by me. Episodes where the characters involved are kept to a minimum are great because they really let the viewer focus. The deaf nurse that sees sound could either be really cool or a huge waste of a character. Knowing the track record of the show I'm leaning towards the latter. My intrigue for this season is slowly building, but I'm not ready to fully commit to this season just yet. You're working on borrowed time here Heroes. Overall score: 75 out of 100