Review: Old Man Logan series

This past Wednesday, Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant Issue #1 was released that completed the storyline. Now this series has been a long time in the making as this last issue was delayed a few months from when it was originally supposed to come out, but no matter now as it's out and was freaking awesome. Before I get into the end as part of the review let me give you a recap of what has happened before. The tale is set 50 years in the future from the night all the superheroes died and focuses on Wolverine, who goes by simply Logan now; a simple farmer living in the territory controlled by the Hulk Gang with his wife and kids. After the superheroes died all the villains carved up America into different controlled territories: the Hulk Gang out west, the Kingdom of the Kingpin in the Rockies and Red Skull is in charge of the entire Eastern Seaboard (it's not a good time to be a former hero). The Hulk Gang comes along and wants rent from Logan for his farm, which sets up the story for Hawkeye to appear and offer Logan a deal to get some money. They are driving cross country to deliver a package to a rebel group that wants to start a new hero squad with the cargo they are carrying. The only catch to the trip was that Logan would not do anything that had to deal with violence, leaving it all on the blind Hawkeye to defend them. Read on for the review, keeping in mind spoilers abound. Driving Spiderman’s suped up Jeep, Logan and Hawkeye head across the wasteland of the former United States and encounter one hazard after another. If it's not running into a Underground dwelling people that sink cities and feed on people then it's cloned dinosaurs and Alien Symbiotes. Logan reveals to Hawkeye why he vowed to never pop his claws again is a horrid story of violence and a mistake. During the war Logan was tricked into thinking that he was surrounded by all of the worst supervillains ever and he proceeds to kill them all. It isn't until after killing the last one that it's revealed that Mysterio has tricked him into killing the entire X-Men team. This leaves him utterly empty and he turns his back on everything, vowing never to act in violence again. The unlikely duo make it to their destination only to find out that their contacts are undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives setting Hawkeye up (by order of the President Red Skull). They kill both Logan and Hawkeye and take Logan’s body to the White House. Logan wakes up and rages hell on everyone there because they killed Hawkeye and gets himself locked in with the Red Skull. In the ensuing fight Logan kills Red Skull and then dons Iron Man’s old armor to fly home as fast as he can. He makes it home only to find his entire family dead and at that moment he goes from being Logan to being Wolverine. This last issue just kicked it up a huge notch in terms of being awesome: basically Wolverine goes on a rampage on the entire Hulk Gang. Taking out two alone in the river by simply dicing them up, and absolutely destroying three of them at a bar in a gut wrenching and satisfying way that makes you just root for Wolverine to exact revenge. Then he proceeds to take on the entire camp of Hulks, just killing everyone single one of them. Eventually he gets to Bruce Banner himself and after beating him around he becomes the Hulk we all know and love. After a short fight the Hulk eats Wolverine and the lone surviving adult Hulk shows up. Needless to say the Hulk gets a little indigestion and Wolverine bursts out from within killing him in the process. He then decides to take the little baby Hulk that is left and venture the country to bring law and order back. One of the best parts of this series is the visuals that invoke nostalgia with the reader. I liked the direction Mark Millar took because you always wonder what sort of world it would be without superheroes fighting for good. I really liked the old west theme prevalent throughout the entire comic, which Steve McNiven drew perfectly. McNiven took care to draw all the characters in a way that shows them as they've always been known yet aged and it was pulled off quite well (especially Logan- he looked pretty badass with the shaved head and old demeanor). One of the great things about this series is when the Millar kicks up the action McNiven really kicks it up visually; especially at the end when Logan takes on the entire Hulk Gang. A freaking amazing ending to a great story which I really hope Marvel decides to bring back for more. If you are a fan of Wolverine and have read this review don’t let this discourage you from picking these comics up because you just have to read them and enjoy the awesome pictures and vicious details they put on them. The last issue is so freaking great that you will want to read it again just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Go pick these up and be ready for an awesome read.