Review - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

I just got done watching the new Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and wow. Read on for a review, keeping in mind there will be spoilers. The story is what drove this movie as they made Lex Luther the freaking President of the United States. With that power, he gets a sort of superhero registration act going to single out Superman. They didn’t go around arresting people who resist the registration, but Lex Luther frames Superman for killing a guy and putting a one billion dollar bounty on him to be captured and brought to Mr. President. Needless to say this new twist to the story helps the action ramp up into a sort of all out brawl of Superman and Batman fighting just numerous superheroes. It is a pretty sweet fight to watch. Batman especially since he doesn’t have any powers but he still kicks some ass using batarangs and smoke bombs, managing to hold it down and even messing up Captain Marvel. It's a no-holds barred match they have going on and I like that they show this. Lets you see the two of them in action basically beating people to a pulp...what more could you ask for? Plus Lex Luther is juicing himself with a mixture of steroids and liquid kryptonite and is up to no good the entire movie while seeming like the good guy. The backstory features a giant Kryptonite Meteor hurtling towards the earth that is going to destroy everything. Lex Luther is so sure of himself that he devises a plan to blow it up with a bunch of nukes. Should work right? Well his idea sort of doesn’t work in that the radiation destroyed the nukes before they hit the rock. Batman and Superman have a plan to destroy the meteor their own way and need Luther’s data to stop it. Eventually the end fight happens between Lex, Superman and Batman at a workshop in Japan where the rocket they are going to fire is. During the fight they are having the navigation coordinates inputted so the rocket can fly without help. Lex doesn’t like that and proceeds to destroy the computer and the data making the rocket useless unless it is piloted. Well bet you can guess who decides to pilot it. Yup Batman. It is that crazy, piloting a huge rocket to crash it into a meteor and blow it up in the process. Superman basically flips at this turn of events and proceeds to beat the crap out of Lex Luther saying he is losing his only friend and beating everything he can out of Luther. When the meteor explodes Superman holds back and doesn’t kill Lex but tosses him aside to be arrested by other superheroes. Superman receives a message that there might still be time to save Batman and races to the wreckage where he finds Batman sitting in a escape pod. There is tons of fan service with some of the finer things they put in the movie to make it right in the eyes of the fans. For starters they got the best voice actors to play the lead roles, as Kevin Conroy once again reprises his role as Batman and Tim Daly reprises his role as Superman. Two of the best voice actors for the characters. The fact that these guys lent their voices makes it a better movie as Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman in the animated series which rocked and recently in the Batman Arkham Asylum game as well. This movie was a really good and I suggest it to any comic book or cartoon fan. You'll enjoy it. I was thoroughly blown away by the entire thing. The movie sort of felt like DC’s very own civil war with how they had bands of people chasing Superman to collect a bounty, making the stakes a lot higher. They did a lot of good things with this movie and I was impressed with the lengths they went to to make a spectacular comic movie. If you are a fan of DC comics then most definitely pick this movie up. You'll enjoy it. Trust me.