Review - We Kill Monsters #3

Well after reading this issue I was blown away by how it ended. Trust this and you will love it (but read the previous issues first to understand it). What am I talking about do you ask? Well I am speaking of We Kill Monsters #3 brought to you by the fine folks over at Red 5 Comics. So far this has been a sort of comic that just keeps kicking it up a notch each issue with the story and the action it is awesome. Read on for my review of this third issue. Spoilers ahead!! This issue picks up with are two brothers and the ex-girlfriend trying to kill the flying monster that killed her father. They realize that fighting it from the ground (as it's flying) will get them killed, so they devise a way to get it to the ground. In the meantime they get to talking about where these monsters are coming from, to which Jake says they've got to be made by aliens. That line just throws a nice but of comedy in there to lighten the mood. The comedy is appreciated as the next part is taking it to the max when they go after the flying bug again. With a secret weapon. What is their secret weapon you ask? Well they build a homemade spear gun that is going to spear the flying monster and bring it to the ground. Their first shot misses and Andrew gets snatched by the monster, leaving Jake and Vanessa following in the truck. Jake finally gets the gun working and spears the monster saving Andrew in the process. Jake gets his Blue Monster Brain Blood (patent pending) and sort of heals himself, but something else happens. His arm mutates even more and is now packing a killer locking pincer at the end. It's cool because it seems his arms mutates to whatever he drinks the brain fluid from. Nice twist. I like it. Well there you have it. My review of We Kill Monsters #3 and I cannot wait for the next issue. You better pick this issue up and the ones before it and read them all. You will love them and be waiting for the next one just like me.