Sean Kleefeld needs an artist

I have absolutely zero illustrative talent. I can write with the best of them, however my illustrations leave a lot to be desired. So Sean Kleefeld won't be hearing from me for his new project, but he could be hearing from you. Kleefeld is working on a book that takes an extensive look at comic book fandom. Since the book is focused on fans he wants to tap into that large crowd and find someone to do a cover for his book. Check out his posting on his website below. Say, you know what my book on comic book fandom will need? A slick cover! I've actually got (I think) a decent idea in mind for the basic premise, but I don't feel I personally have the talent to pull off a cool enough illustration to really make it work. Are there any artists out there interested in doing a piece of commission work for me? Drop me a line and we can discuss styles and rates and whatnot. The book itself won't be a history of comic book of Kleefeld's fandom. Instead, Kleefeld is attempting to look at comic book fans as a whole and attempt to describe the finer nuances of the mass. The book will definitely be more academic and research-oriented while at the same time as reader friendly as possible. If you're interested in contributing (beyond the cover art), feel free to comment on the linked post and Kleefeld will contact you. Keep in mind his post could face a deluge of comments and it might take some time for him to respond (if at all). This seems like a really commendable attempt at explaining why everyone dressed up like Deadpool at SDCC. Sean Kleefeld needs an artist