Spider-Woman motion comic - Episode 3

Issue (?) #3 of Spider-Woman: Motion Comic hit iTunes yesterday. If you haven't been checking in with it, the idea is that Marvel took a Spider-Woman comic and semi-animated it. It actually works pretty well and could possibly be a new branch of comics (assuming the costs aren't too terrible). Anyhoo, Marvel has release a clip from the third issue to tease your wallet to open just a bit and part with the $1.99 to download the comic to your Apple product of choice. I'll readily admit that this clip really isn't going to mean much to you storywise if you haven't read (watched) the first two motion comics. Basically, there's a creepy Gollum dude, bullets, anger, fighting, mention of Skrulls and a surprise guest appearance at the end. You'll at least get a sense of the style and whether or not it's your thing. Each motion comic is about 10 minutes long, just so you know your time commitment. Check the clip after the jump.