Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography available

I know that people are alway keen to judge a President based on his (possibly her) first 100 days in office. And why wouldn't they? Those days mark the transition from the old to the new; the changing of the guard. President Obama is at about 300 days this point, which in IDW's mind is long enough to warrant Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography. "Barack Obama proved change can happen," said IDW editor Scott Dunbier. "Now young people can discover how this man rose from humble beginnings to become the President of the United States. It's a compelling story and we're proud it has gotten so much positive attention." Now, admittedly, Obama has lived a life of many years to this point. And it's not a biography of his time as President. But doesn't it seem a little early to be crafting a biography (let alone of the President of the United States)? Even in comic book form. I mean, I guess people still want to know his story and haven't already heard it countless times throughout the course of the elections. I'm just not sure people want to hear it enough to want to drop $14.99 on an 80-page story that's incomplete. Power to IDW Publishing though for getting on this train. Clearly, Obama is something of a rock star the likes of which the nation hasn't seen since JFK. And I'm all for drawing more attention to the lives of US Government officials through a medium such as comic books. Just a little leery of such an endeavor as being a means for cashing in on the President's popularity. But who am I to judge IDW for filling a market desire? The book should be in stores as of this writing. Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography available