Cilian Murphy wants another Batman movie

It's always a good sign when an actor is openly calling for a sequel. Typically (from what I've heard), a sequel is the bane of an actor's existence because it risks them being typecast or over-exposed. Thankfully that wasn't the case with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and Cilian Murphy feels the same way. Murphy is working on Christopher Nolan's new film Inception, so naturally with the two of them together questions will arise about the inevitable (hopefully) third film in Nolan's bat-trilogy. According to MTV Splash Page, Murphy's take is that would be swell. "I hope they make a third one," he told MTV News. "I think 'The Dark Knight' was one of the greatest films." ['The Dark Knight' is] one of the greatest blockbuster mainstream movies," the actor stated. "If anyone can match that or top that it’s Chris. Fingers crossed." Now of course Murphy doesn't have the final say in a third film. It would be expected if it were to happen though that he would play a role in it, maybe bigger like in Batman Begins or slightly smaller in The Dark Knight. Murphy did a phenomenal job portraying Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow and would definitely make the next film also to be a part of. If he did come back though, what role could he play? Speculation has run rampant about the villain in the third film; everyone from Riddler to Catwoman to Penguin. What would be really awesome would be a film that pits Scarecrow against another rogue (maybe Riddler) for control of Gotham City. He's yet to really take center stage as a villain, and since he's already played sidekick and fan nod it's really time for him to be the main player. This is of course purely speculative, but a third film featuring Batman vs. Scarecrow vs. Riddler for the fate of Gotham would be a fantastic finale to the unofficial trilogy. Cilian Murphy wants another Batman movie