Defense with the BoomPick

That day is here again and I can't wait as all the new comic books come out tomorrow. After looking over the list of comics coming out I see a few that I'm going to pick up to read. For this column though I only could pick one above all the rest and it might come as no surprise that I picked Deadpool #16 from Marvel Comics. Continuing with our favorite Merc with the Mouth in this tale of self-discovery and the next steps he plans to take in life. With absolutely nothing left for him to do and with no direction he decides to go join the X-Men. Which seems pretty odd considering who they are and it's freaking Deadpool, the lone gunman sort of guy. If you haven’t been reading this series, you should be as it's freaking awesome, but this is after the Skrull invasion and Osborn becoming the President. Making the X-Men leave everything since they were not wanted makes the team that much more appealing to Deadpool. They let him join while making sure to keep careful watch over him, but what they don’t know is Deadpool has a plan of his own. Pick this one up tomorrow to find out the sorted tale.