Defense with the BoomPick

Tomorrow is the day that we have all been waiting for. Yes my friends it's new comic book day tomorrow and a this week a particular comic comes out that I'm especially interested in. That comic I speak of is a milestone for the character and sure to be a great read. My pick of the week is none other than Deadpool #900. Since it’s a huge deal Marvel decided to go big with this one and is bringing at ya a 104-page monster of a comic. Get ready for a level of ass kicking never seen before by our favorite Merc with a Mouth when he gets ready to face off against an assortment of characters including aliens, mimes and a ton more. This is also a tale of the deeper person of who Wade is and what makes him Deadpool while going on his adventures. Enjoy the compelling settings as he travels around the globe and then back home to settle a childhood bet. This book just keeps giving and giving when it comes to what you would expect from Deadpool. Make sure to go pick this one up tomorrow and read the crazy stories of the Merc with a Mouth.