Defense with the BoomPick

Sometimes it is the simple joys in life that make the day. Well tomorrow is new comic book day that brings its own sort of joy as there are a slew of comics I am getting tomorrow. Since this is my pick of the week I can only go with one and that one comic is We Kill Monsters #4. This is a fascinating series so far that can only go up with action, comedy, intrigue and twists that make this comic a solid read. This new issue continues the story of Andrew and Jake hunting down the monsters to get the blue fluid juice for Jake’s monster arm. With the whole town under siege by the monsters the two brothers and Vanessa are returning to learn what happened and to find out where these monsters are coming from. This issue is a pivotal one in the series, as it progresses the story and you learn more about the monsters and who is pulling the strings. Pick this one up tomorrow to find out what happens next for our two brothers and one small town. If you are on the fence about picking this one up then check out my review of this issue to help sway you.