Defense with the BoomStick

Man why do Mondays have to come around so quick huh? Why can’t the weekend be freaking longer? Hey out there. It’s Brandon bringing to you all the news you want to know and the tip of the week to keep you alive. Sorry, last week was rough and we finally had a break this past day and a half and was relishing it greatly. Now it’s back to the grind of keeping this place running, fighting zombies, helping when possible and going on recon missions...too much to do and too little time. Enough of that it's now time for the news and the tip so let's get to it. It seems that some ports in northernmost Maine have been opening up for refugees to enter into the country, but only on a limited basis. If you're close to that area head there now, but if not I wouldn't bother.

You could also try Nantucket Island as they are still accepting refugees to screen and then allow onto the mainland in the secure areas. On that front they have pushed the safe zone further south, starting from Maine all the way to parts of Connecticut. Stay clear of the New York City as it's too dangerous. Also, most of Alaska is safe to inhabit as zombies can’t handle the extreme cold, but be careful as it's a tough up there. Now for the tip of the week. Today I am going to go over how to get in contact with the government forces taking back the Northeast for us.

If you're a refugee heading that way it's most important to worry about a heightened level of zombies as they're heading that way for food (i.e., all the government forces drawing them there). When making your route to get to the safe zone there are a few thing to keep in mind. First off it's going to be a tough trip, and you have to think and stay on your toes at all times. Don’t draw any attention to yourself whenever possible; if you can slip through undetected for the better. Second, keep noise to an absolute minimum. Noise could be your death sentence if you drop something or clang pans together accidentally. When traveling if you have a radio make sure the volume is turned off and it doesn’t go off at the wrong time. If you have headphones use them and keep that person in the middle of the group. Listen for the government broadcast about what channel to respond on (I think one that's still up is 86.5 AM but keep an ear out still).

Third, when you do manage to reach the outskirts of what looks like an area that's been cleared this is the time to find a spot that's safe to hole up: a place to transmit your location and get help. Plus, you don’t want to be wandering around and get shot by military as they accidently mistake you for a zombie. Be ready when the call comes to you from them for the rescue as you don’t know how many chances you might get at it.

On the flipside it might take some time for them to rescue you, so make sure you're prepared for a wait as you might have to stay on the move just to be safe. Once you do make contact with the government forces, make sure to stay in contact with updates of your locations and situation; that way they know how to best help you. That's it for today. Back to the grind of keeping all of us alive and keeping the fight alive. We will win this one just wait. This is Brandon signing off.