Defense with the BoomStick

Hello out there. It's Brandon here, and I almost missed this transmission as I lost track of time and was working on a project. It seems Monday is upon us again so let's get to it shall we? First to start off with some news. It appears that most of the coastal cities are accepting people on a limited basis to a more permanent living situation.

Also the Florida Keys are allowing boats to be received and processed to find a house to live on there. I got word from my agent buddy in the government that forces taking back the New England region are going to push across the Great Lakes into northern Michigan at some point. When I hear more about that endeavor I will relay the information back to you. Now onto the tip of the week.

Now this tip is a pretty good reality check for all of us living in this zombie infested world. It is something that we have the chance of facing and dealing with everyday so long as we are in danger. Well the problem this tip addresses is that time that you will face when you must shoot someone in your group who has been bitten. It is a tough and enormous task to have to do, but a necessary one to protect yourself and the safety of your group. The most important thing you have to remember if someone gets bitten is there’s nothing you can do to save them. Trying to hang on to them thinking you can save them will only get you killed if you don’t deal with them before they turn.

Sometimes the person who is bitten will do the honorable thing and take them self out so you won’t have too. You have to decide and decide quickly how you will handle it, and of course it all depends on the location of the bite. If it's on an arm or leg or barely breaking skin then you have a bit of time before they turn so they can help you for a short period of time before dealing with them. Now if it's more of a chest, neck or face wound then you don’t have long as you are hit near a lot of main arteries that will get you infected faster. These types you will have to deal with quickly using either a blunt hit to the head or a single shot. Doing this will help your friend from becoming the thing they hate the most and saves you from being attacked by them as a zombie.

It's tough dealing with that pain of having to kill a close friend that you have trusted your life with, but it's a necessary evil. That's it for today. Got more work to do and more things to get prepared. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.