Defense with the BoomStick

Monday's here again and back to the grind of surviving in this zombie world. Hey out there it’s Brandon and I'm bringing to you my tip of the week and all the news you need to know. No sense beating around the bush; let's get to it. To start let's go with some news. More information has come from my contact in the Northeast of the United States. They have managed to push down to Long Island and have come to control most of it. The parts closest to New York City are still too dangerous to retake, so they are drawing a line in the island as to how far they will go. Their line is being drawn by explosive ordinance that will gut down to a certain level below the ground and create a perimeter line to keep those on the other side safe. When I found out the exact location of the line I will inform all of you, but if you're already in that area close to the city start heading up towards the further away parts to guarantee you won’t be blown up.

Also, Iceland has become secure as well and are accepting refugees at a larger degree than any other country I have heard from. If you can head there and now for my tip of the week. For my tip of the week I am going to discuss certain procedures that should be followed at all times wherever you compound or hideout is that you have decided to make your own.

To start basic security is priority number one, as a good wall or early warning system are pivotal in keeping you alive from perhaps a roaming bandit group or worse zombies. These other measures will also help keep you alive and surviving as well, as that is the ultimate goal to take back this world. After basic security next up is maintaining a minimal sound level. Too much and you give your position away to nearby zombies or possible hostile forces looking for supplies. If you have a generator make sure to keep it somewhere indoors and as muffled when possible to keep the noise down.

Next is visibility, as you want to make sure that wherever you are calling home make it in a place that would make it appear as if nobody lives there. The less it looks like anyone is there less trouble you can expect to see. If your place is out in a wooded area then you're already better off, as you aren’t easily seen and allow a little more freedom when it comes to noise and lights but still be careful. This could be to your advantage or disadvantage, because if you can’t be seen then you are safer from certain dangers. On the flipside you are less likely to encounter survivors who could help you or help them with your isolated position.

A good idea to help with this is to set up an outpost along a traveled route and monitor it to see if anyone comes by and whether they are dangerous or just looking for help. Another good method to help security is posting roaming guards monitoring your perimeter (if you can) checking windows and being on the lookout for threats. If you can afford to have a guard outside (but out of sight from where zombies or other people might come from using smell) that's a good warning system. It is possible to smell the undead coming near your position because of their distinct odor, so use this to your advantage. There goes the news and tip of the week until next week this is Brandon signing off.