Defense with the BoomStick

Hey out there to all who are listening. Brandon here and I’m feeling lucky to be here after the events of this past weekend. Almost kicked the bucket a few times on this last mission I went on and lost some good people though. Not in the mood for small talk so let's get to the news and the tip of the week. To start there have been rumors about the government building up their fortifications in New England. They are actually attempting to build one giant wall to cordon it off from the rest of the country making a giant safe zone. At the moment it is not safe to head in that direction as all the noise and work they are doing is drawing zombies to them.
They have a solid offensive line keeping them safe with tons of hardware so be careful if you go that way as you could be shot mistakenly. Here's a bit of news from around the world. It seems that there are reports of strongholds in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. New Zealand has been completely swept and is becoming a safe haven for refugees, but be warned as they are allowing people on a limited base for their safety. Now for the tip of the week. Today I’m going to talk about things to do that will keep you sharp and help keep you alive.

Once you get to a safe place that you decide to make your home it becomes easy for you to be complacent and lose a bit of that survival edge. One of the worst things about finding a safe place is that the feeling of death all around you can make you relax and not train as hard. There are some things you can do to combat this, such as maintaining your weapon and making sure it is clean and in working order. That is one thing you do not want to fail you in a life or death situation, for it to jam on you when a zombie is coming at you.

When you are out in the open with zombies everywhere you realize this and stay alert at all times even when sleeping, but lose that when safe within a building or someplace that you can survive at. To fight this you have to keep a constant watch over the place and just keep your mental sharpness with drills and not let yourself kick back, thinking the world is back to normal. Doing that will get you killed in a heartbeat and get your group killed if you're not careful. Also keeping your gear collected and not spread out aids you in case of needing to leave in a hurry. Well that's it for today. Got work to finish on the gear we brought back and to make it able to be used. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.