Manga - The Other White Meat

Well folks, we’re back again with another edition of the manga wrap-up for Bleach and Naruto from last week before the new issues begin to pop up tonight for this week. We have a far shorter edition as Naruto was on break for the week and I do not have a new recommendation for other anime or manga to watch or read. So…read on to find out how Yammy responded, if he did at all, to Ichigo tossing him down almost effortlessly. BLEACH Our issue opens with Ichigo releasing his new mask upon coming to the realization that it felt different. Rukia certainly notices the new pattern and felt the difference in power. Do the progressive changes in the markings somehow indicate that Ichigo’s hollow side is slowly taking control? They both seem concerned, and Ichigo felt that the mask was much heavier then it had been. In his last fight with an espada (prior to beginning these reviews) Ichigo essentially died…again. Of course he came back in an evil form that was almost a full hollow and dispatched of his enemy. In the middle of a fight though it isn’t smart to let you guard down. Yammy stands up, and he is NOT happy. Ichigo is shocked that Yammy could survived an attack in his masked for, but all he really did was scratch Yammy’s neck. We get the Espada expounding on his strength and how wonderful he is, and he begins to hit Ichigo with an attack called a bala, a faster version of the typical hollow attack of a cero, basically a big energy attack. Ichigo states it doesn’t matter how strong the espada is, he will defeat him simply because he has to. There is one small problem though, Ichigo can’t summon his mask! The new form seems to have thrown off his ability somehow. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, in steps Captains Byakuya Kuchiki and Zaraki Kenpachi, two of the more powerful shinigami in soul society. They chop of Yammy’s arm…and the episode ends. It appears that they have been healed from their previous battles and are ready to rumble again. NARUTO Nothing… See you next week when hopefully this fight will end and we’ll have an interesting battle in Naruto to discuss. I’ll try to dig up some anime or manga to recommend to my loyal readers who after three weeks must number in the twos and threes.