New Arrivals: October 28, 2009

On Bored to Death the other night, Ted Danson's character George Christopher paired up the two main characters on a new comic book. His reasoning? "Comics are coming back right?" Yep. Comics have come back and are here to stay. Just like vampires. And zombies. Radical Publishing is another purveyor of the funny pages to capitalize on that trend this week with Federal Vampire Zombie Agency #1. I'm a big fan of both and highly advise you to pick this one up when you make your comic book run this week. The premise is actually pretty interesting. It recognizes that vampires and zombies do in exist. Naturally, the US government is quick to create an agency (appropriately called Federal Vampire Zombie Agency) to regulate their interactions with humans. The agency was on a lengthy hiatus; however, with the recent resurgence of both forms of the undead it's been shown to be necessary again. Writer David Hine and artist Roy Martinez have created the story of Landra, a descendant of the FVZA. Vampire, zombies, hot shotgun-wielding chick. Awesome. Check out Tom's review here. And check out the book in stores this week. Enjoy! New Arrivals: October 28, 2009