Preview - Dark Avengers #11

The Dark Avengers are what you think, dark incarnations of members of the Avengers team. Sort of. Regardless, the team will face their greatest threat on November 18. In Dark Avengers #11 Brian Michael Bendis is joined by artist Mike Deodato and Greg Horn to tell the story of Norman Osborn's deteriorating mind, a missing Sentry and the Dark Avengers fighting an unstoppable enemy. And the work so far is garnering lots of accolades. “Brian Michael Bendis is doing some great work with characters like Norman Osborn and Mac Gargan.” – Jesse Schedeen, “Mike Deodato, Jr. is in fine form…” – Jesse Schedeen, “Bendis is doing some of his best team-related work on this series, giving us a team of unrepentant psychopaths and setting them loose (well, not loose, but barely controlled by a maniac) upon the Marvel Universe.” – Timothy Callahan, “It's a fairly solid if not spectacular superhero comic given the twist that everyone is a bickering sociopath.” – Charles Webb, Check some interiors after the jump.