Preview - Dark Wolverine #80

Whoever this Daken fellow is he's not a pleasant creature. Daken is actually the son of Wolverine and said son is a fan of mercilessly slaughtering people. In this issue Norman Osborn's publicity stunt fails and Daken decides that would be a perfect opportunity to create an even bloodier one. The interiors boast someone on fire, which can't be too pleasant. Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu join rising star artist Stephen Segovia have really done something awesome with this book, as people can't seem to get enough of it. “[Daken] is an interesting character. He's manipulative, sarcastic, poetic, and has the strength of his father. Way's dialogue is very enticing.” – Ryan Goulet, “Way and Liu develop a wonderful satirical attitude for Daken that enhances the quality of this character.” – Frank Stapleton, “Of all the Dark Reign storylines at the moment, Dark Wolverine is the one I am enjoying the most.” – Antony Ellis, Check out the madness in Dark Wolverine #80 when it hits stores November 25. Check out some interiors after the jump.