Preview - The God Machine OGN Preview Book

You might say you're having a bad day when your girlfriend dies. Guy Salvatore is having a bad day. In The God Machine OGN Preview Book, Guy is mourning the death of his girlfriend. And each morning he's being accosted by monsters emerging from the bathroom mirror. Each day his friends at school at accosting him emotionally, making sure he's ok. Guy really just wants to be left alone. One day he decides to visit Sith's (his girlfriend) tombstone where he's greeted by the promise that Sith might be alive. This greeting comes courtesy of Good God, a beautiful goddess seeking the lost key to heaven alongside Evil God. Guy can see them, which is odd considering that they're supposed to be invisible to mortals. Chandra Free is writer and artist, and the book is now available in stores for $3.95. Check out some interiors after the jump.