Preview - The Last Days of American Crime #1

Oh for the true last days of American crime. Radical Publishing is offering the next best thing in the literal sense in The Last Days of American Crime #1. The book was created and written by Rick Remender and features the art of Greg Tocchini (lettering by Rus Wooton). The first of three issue miniseries boasts a broadcast signal from the US government that secretly makes it impossible for people to commit unlawful acts. This action is made effective as a result of a distraction in the form of a new currency system. It doesn't fool Graham Brick however. Brick is a career criminal who plans on stealing one of the currency card charging stations and live of the residual for the rest of his life. The media knows about the anti-crime signal though a week before it's release, giving Graham one week to pull off the heist as the last crime in American history. There are two coves, one by Alex Maleev (above) and one by Tocchini. Both will set you back $4.99 and are a solid 64 pages. The book is due in September.