Preview - Robotika: For a Few Rubles More Double-Sized Issue #1-2

If I'm alive long enough to see Skynet become self-aware there's always the possibility of Robotika. Wait a minute. ....................... So apparently "Robotika" isn't robot erotica. I was way off. It's a good thing too, because if Robotika was robot erotica then Archaia would probably be in an entirely different media genre. Robotika: For a Few Rubles More Double-Sized Issue #1-2 is written and illustrated by Alex Sheikman and is actually about hallucinogenic tadpoles, Black Legion mercenaries, Beppe the Gangster, the Queen, Digital Djhitis and the Three Yojimbos. They're not characters in some zany sitcom family, but characters caught in the middle to two rival gangs. At the center of the rivalry is a drug deal gone bad. It falls on Niko to fight his equal in Mister Saint in an effort to bring peace to the conflict. Check out interiors below, and the book should be in stores October 28. All 64 pages of it for $4.99. Pay attention to the mature rating though if you're an underage Omnicomic reader.