Review – 28 Days Later #3

Welcome back for another review of the dark film comic book tie-in 28 Days Later by Boom! Studios. When we left off last time the gang was stocking up to head for the docks to catch a boat to take them past the quarantine line. In typical horror plotline fashion, certain members of the team like to wonder around like morons despite the rage infected zombies just DYING for an excuse to brutally kill or just bite them. If you haven’t checked out the first two issues in this series, you should. Do you like zombies? Do you like badass machete wielding infected killing women named Selena? I thought so…afterall, how could you not? Read on for the review for the third installment. When we left off last time Hirsch (a member of the investigative crew exploring the rage outbreak) got sloppy and got bitten. As Selena menacingly approaches with what seems to be a hollow apology, Trina jumps in between them and begs him not to while everyone else incredulously watches as she pulls out her machete. Hirsch doesn’t last long, and everyone but Trina seems to realize that she was right in the end. Selena coldly prepares more defenses and tries to rally the troops but some obvious psychological damage has been done. While the rest of the crew slowly comes around to building defenses and waiting for the boat, Trina sits in the corner with a rather murderous look on her face. Clint, the lead on the operation, goes over and tries to console her and all that he seems to accomplish is disarming her so she can’t do anything stupid. The tension mounts and everyone waits, when suddenly the infected finally arrive. We never find out who the friend that Selena hints she had to kill was, but I somehow imagine we will before all is said and done. At this point Trina is useless and a danger to others more then a helpful member of the crew. While Selena and Clint try to hold the door, the infected crash through a window. I’m not sure if ANYONE other then Selena is useful in combat at this point, since she seems to be spinning and wielding her machete while everyone else stands around. Finally Derrick jumps into action and clubs some infected down. This is where Trina shows how truly lost she is. In an effort to frame Selena she bites her from behind. Trina receives a sharp elbow to the face for her troubles and Selena goes on to kill a bunch more infected. Before anyone can confirm that she was bitten by Trina, Trina says that Selena has been bitten. Not only has her selfishness made her who I hope dies next, but it also gets Derrick a broken nose as he makes an effort to club Selena down. Selena faces down Trina and you can see the terror in the reflection on Selena’s gas mask, one of the coolest frames in the book I might add. The boat finally arrives and they use Molotov cocktails to cover their escape. One of the infected gets a hold of Trina through the fire, and in a show of compassion that I almost regret, Selena goes back and saves her. With that our crew, minus Hirsch, is on a boat with enough small arms to start a war and safely out to sea. You’d think with the infected out of the way everything would be great right? The good news, they’ve crossed the quarantine line. The bad news? There is a small navy between them and the shore that they are trying to drop off at, and they don’t look happy. This was another great issue showing just how cold Selena is willing to be to survive yet another trip towards the rage infected people. I’m also trying to figure out how Clint’s crew, Derrick aside, managed to survive in all the wars they formerly covered. I guess when they have to be the soldiers themselves instead of just among soldiers the situation changes. I’d be shocked if a team of four manages to survive. I liked the use of colors in this issue. The only truly bright color was the Molotov’s when they were used and as always the dark overall setting worked really well. I feel like the faces in this comic show so much emotion and really help to develop the characters without any words needed. So let’s see if I can sum this up for those of you STILL on the fence about this series. Zombies…check…violence…check…badass machete wielding heroine…check. What are you waiting for?


  1. What am I on the fence about? The gratuitous cruelty toward Selena and, by extension, Jim and Hannah. So we have Selena tormented, haunted, and raw-nerve hyper-vigilant and hyper-violent. Jim and Hannah are dead (or dead again) and/or missing. Yawn and yawn. Cruel and cruel. The makers of this sordid mess should have had the good grace and balls to move on to original characters.

  2. Well I'm confused as to why an entirely new cast is necessary. Selena's experience with the infected provides a nice contrast to the obviously unprepared "veteran" war journalist team. Without her there I'd venture there might be no one left already, but only her tormented past allows her to move quickly in the face of such horrors. Selena didn't get to describe what her "experience" was with killing friends out of necessity, and it would be silly to not assume Jim and Hannah are involved there.

    Not to mention it provides a tie in to the movies that many people are already fans of. I'd say the new cast has their own mental anguish going on, specifically Trina watching her boyfriend (or something) get chopped down in front of her. Anywho, certainly welcome to your opinion and I understand where you are coming from, but I still think they've done a great job mixing a totally new cast into the already established story using Selena as a medium.


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