Review - The Anchor #1

Welcome back readers for a review of a new title from Boom! Studios named The Anchor. It appears that the Anchor is a man-like being, one split between two worlds. In one he is the defender of the gateway out of hell from monsters untold, and in our world he simply battles the ones that got away and sends them back where they belong. The story is one I can’t remember reading before and the main character is very much a mystery. The Anchor or Clem (as he comes to be known in our world) has an almost invincible and yet sad feel to him which makes him easy to root for. It seems that the only thing he truly comes alive for is battle. He destroys the evil creatures in his hell with ruthless efficiency, while his real world counterpart has his own battles. Read on to learn more about the adventures of this interesting new character… The Anchor begins in hell, or something approximating it, where apparently a leader of the hordes of hell is expounding on his immovable form as he gathers his forces to move against him. The evil force in question is lead by General Leung, who begins his assault by ripping the breastplate off of a fallen, but not dead, member of his hordes to use as his own. As those who can still charge are ordered into the breach, the rest are ground “for meat.” Nice. Meanwhile in Reykjavik a giant ice monster has descended on the town Godzilla style and is unleashing untold havoc and destruction on the town. There, a volunteer at the hospital who ignores the evacuation, Hofi Eriksdotter, is shocked as a new patient comes in. He is poked full of holes and looking like a half giant. While Hofi and others try to gather information, Clem attempts to explain that his soul is in hell, and when it is damaged, he also suffers injury. On cue a massive gash opens in his chest and blood pours out onto a started Hofi. A reporter enters the hospital and shows a video to Clem of the monster he was fighting which reminds him of his current mission and purpose. While he is leaving a strange figure informs us that this is merely the first of four Furies called to this island to test the Anchor's faith. The Anchor springs to action, but is soon beaten down yet again by the giant ice creature. Clem seems to speak in psalms that Hofi recognizes, but he doesn’t know what she is talking about when she asks him about it. As Clem attempts to return to battle Hofi makes a painful suggestion. Have his soul grab one of the flaming creatures in hell to cause his hands to burst into flames. Needless to say, the ice creature doesn’t enjoy flaming hands. However Clem says that no demon is truly vanquished until the heart is consumed. Yes, you can take that literally. Unfortunately that very act leaves him out cold on the pavement. Will it affect his soul as well opening the gates of hell to Earth? Who knows… I like the story, the whole ethereal version of Clem in hell in addition to Earth leaves lots of options for how the story will develop and how they will use strategy to their advantage. The artwork has a cartoony look, but the battles are certainly fierce, if not overly bloody. I am left curious to learn more about the figure in the medical facility and how he seems to know so much about Clem, and also about the origins of The Anchor himself and where the faith in God comes from. There is much potential with this comic and we’ll see where it goes from here. If you are interested pick it up the next time you're in a comic book store.