Review - Heroes: Acceptance (Chapter 3)

No co-ed lesbian stories (that's next week apparently) or druggie beatdowns in Heroes this week. Just some good old-fashioned setup for what's due to come down the pike. Spoilers ahead. Ando is slated to marry Hiro's sister, Kimiko, as a result of Hiro stopping the slushee from being spilled on her. I'm all for stories involving time travel, but I worry that at some point there's going to be some massive lapse in continuity. I also find it hard to believe that there's no butterfly effect here. I mean, Hiro changes the action (even encounters Samuel in the past) and the only thing that changed was Kimiko loves Ando now? It can't possibly be that simple. His actions in trying to prevent Tadashi from jumping seem to show some more complexity in the timeline. He stopped one incident only to find that Tadashi is still going to jump because of another photocopying incident. What's interesting is that Hiro is taking the hard route. Wouldn't it be easiest just to stop Tadashi from jumping instead of continually changing event after event leading to the jump? He didn't do any crazy shenanigans in stopping Ando from spilling the slushee. In fact Samuel literally just pushed him into the fray, prompting this time traveling "bucket list" that Hiro is making up on the fly. He is realizing that maybe there are some things that just can't be stopped because people are destined to make the mistake. So why change the past when you can affect the future? Whoever chose the song for the opening mini-montage with Traci needs to be fired. I don't get why this show decides to vacillate back and forth between the world is going to end to every day is a magical happy day. Maybe it's indicative of the show as a whole. Anyways, Traci is back at her old game working for (or simply working) the governor of New York. What appears to be a career opportunity quickly turns Tracy into client 9. I give the governor four episodes before he's killed. Ali Larter's million different incarnations have proven that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In the meantime she's going through a midlife crisis, realizing that maybe the whole "sex appeal for advancement" thing isn't the way to go. Noah seems to think she should try something else...afterall, he's changed his ways so why shouldn't she? After asking the governor for power to make change and being rebuffed she starts turning into one giant tear in the bathroom. Then she quits. Noah is living his modest single life, facing the divorce papers he's been served with. Peter approaches him about the compass tattoo that all of a sudden isn't there. Noah isn't up to the long haul trip that Peter is excited about and his refusal is conveniently interrupted by Claire's unannounced drop-in. A mock interview? Claire's suddenly matured since going to college that she knows what questions to ask her dad? Her "this if your life" spiel continues to strengthen the bond between the two of them. I can appreciate Noah's tongue-in-cheek poke at the entire show's existence as unraveling conspiracies. Speaking of unraveling... Nathan has learned about his powers. According to him he's learning a new power everyday, to which Peter responds that it's cool. Way to play it aloof there. Encouraged by Angela to remember (and hopefully further repress Sylar) Nathan begins holding memorable objects, invoking a flood of memories. Random sidenote. Peter would say this is called "psychometrics" (when you get a memory by touching something), when actually psyhcometrics is just measuring psychological traits (i.e., personality questionnaires). Way to throw out a big word that wasn't researched. But I digress. On his memory tour he remembers a woman, face down in a pool with blood gushing from her head. While Nathan watches. You can imagine the angst this would cause in someone who is struggling to re-find himself. A visit to Kelly's mom's house shows him that she was last seen in Heathrow picking up her baggage. Nathan (using his powers of psychometrics) begins touching objects around the pool to piece together the real events and he learns that a harmless hat flirt leads to the two of them falling of the diving board. He hits water, she hits a stone corner of the pool. Cue the blood. Nathan approaches Angela about the night in question and how he can't remember it. Of course he can't, as Angela had the Haitian wipe his memory of the whole event. She wanted to protect him. This new Sylar/Nathan is a lot more inquisitive of the past then the old Nathan, leading him to constantly gnaw at the past in an effort to undercover the entire truth. His newfound self-righteousness almost has him telling homicide about the murder cover-up until he thinks better of it and hangs up. And then he's syringed. And shot. And buried alive. Courtesy of Kelly's mother. And he rises from the dirt as Sylar (revel in the symbolism). This week's episode was pretty slow on the action and pretty heavy on the expository. Hiro is dying more quickly, Nathan is continuing his transition to becoming Sylar and Claire is the parent in her relationship with Noah. Traci is beginning to scheme again while Kelly's mom doesn't know what she's unleashed. Nothing new really for any of the characters as far as arcs go but I don't think the writers are in a hurry to completely redefine them at this point. The continuing (and eventual) meltdown of Sylar will be pretty great as he's slowly being shown learning about his powers and freaking out appropriately. We're at the four hour mark for the season and after this is where the show has historically swooned. It's looking like it's got a better chance this time around so stay tuned. Overall score: 78 out of 100