Review: Heroes - Chapter 4: Hysterical Blindness

No words. Just review. Read on. Sylar's back...sort of. And he's found by Ernie Hudson! Huzzah. You can imagine that a man staggering down the highway with bulletholes in his clothes and no memory would raise some suspicions. The man they're interrogating looks like Sylar with Nathan's hair, meaning he's sort of in between the two at this point. His encounter with tea and the handcuffs are senses that he's feeling again for the first time. Parkman really did a number on Sylar and completely reset him back to zero. His first thought is the difference in the ticking clocks (the one on the wall and the psyhiatrist's wristwatch). Good that they're taking him back to zero as well as a starting point for the new Sylar. Theoretically, he could be completely influential in terms of his motives and personality. Until he flips a switch again and fully remembers everything. Hudson approaching him as Gabriel with the knowledge that he killed his mother would be a great start down his unrighteous path. Pushing him out the window telepathically will do wonders as well for that. This doesn't make him much of a popular guy around here. He seeks out the psychiatrist as she is conveniently getting into her car in the garage to leave. He stops short of completely hijacking and kidnapping her but needs her help. She calls him Gabriel, however he mentions that the name doesn't feel right. After stopping at the side of the road the calvary arrives and when Sylar puts his hands up the sparks start flying. Followed promptly by bullets into his chest. As he and the psychiatrist roll down the hill he heals to both of their amazement and the hounds are released. Sylar makes his way through the woods where he encounters Samuel. And his amusement park that is conveniently invisible to the chasing cops. Does this mean that only mutants can see his traveling road show? Speaking of Samuel, he likes blueberry waffles. Or pancakes. Or some baked good as the result of a mutant with the ability to heat up panini presses with a hot hand. For some reason he's trying to fill every seat at the proverbial brotherhood table. No clue why though. He's growing his family? Planting seeds? Maybe his earth-moving ability is a means of fortune telling, as whatever grows could be another way of knowing which mutant to go after next? At this point who knows. Maybe Sylar? Claire is a fan of tedium and is happy. The sorority her mom is a part of has noticed that Claire is a legacy and wants her to rush. This is an obvious excuse for Gretchen to bitch about not having Claire to herself anymore. This whole single white female thing is getting to be a little creepy. Whatever this turns into, the real Claire is shown to all the sorority sisters as a result of Gretchen's creepy factor in telling them all about her in the sorority speed dating (I'm not even going to begin to try and repeat what head sorority chick referred to it as). And wearing her clothes. I hate to say it, but Claire is really starting to grow on me. I've always felt she was just way too whiny and I'm glad to see that the writers are finally letting her character learn. What better way then by pitting Claire against herself, as it seems Gretchen wants to be her. The researching the whole murder-suicide thing adds an extra layer of weirdness. Naturally, this doesn't go over too well with Claire as she decides to go to the mixer by herself. While talking to another girl there she saves said girl's life from a falling flagpole nearly impaling her, and above was Gretchen staring down. Claire confronts Gretchen about it and learns that she's not stalking her but crushing on her. If you had four episodes when the two would share a kiss then collect your prize. And it turns out that Rachel (?), the head of the sorority, is a mutant with an invisibility power and is working for Samuel. See, turns out it wasn't Gretchen that dropped the flagpole, or the book didn't fall by itself (nor did Annie) but Rachel pushing all events. And that note that suddenly appeared? Rachel. I'll suspend my disbelief (really have no choice) that this chick has worked her way through the ranks of the sorority to be a head sister and works with Samuel. Little convenient that she runs the exact same sorority that Claire's mom was a member of and uses that as leverage to get her to join. The doctor Emma was speaking with earlier is actually her mom, who thinks that her job in the filing room has lead to "hysterical blindness." Emma has the title of the episode. Convenient. Who was Christopher? Whoever he was, Emma feels responsible for his death, which leads her on a sorrow filled walk through New York City. Her deafness means she doesn't hear the bus bearing down on her, prompting Peter to save her. A thankless act since she can't hear him saying she was almost hit. Not only did she not thank him, she also gave him her "seeing sounds" power, meaning he can no longer move super-fast. The heroic music starting and stopping was a subtle (and quirky) touch to indicate his difficulties in moving quickly. He encounters her at the hospital and notices her viewing the same sounds he's viewing. Apparently this whole ability thing is new to her; she's somewhat incredulous that there are others out there that have powers such as flying and teleportation. Her power seemed pretty pointless at first, until she gets pissed off on the cello and uses her power to rip a hole in the wall (knocking down the degree from Arlington University, the same university that Claire is currently attending). Peter is later shown meeting with Hiro, presumably giving him the teleportation ability to allow future storylines to unfold. A relatively lackluster episode as far as anything really. The one bright spot (and I really can't believe I'm writing this) was Claire. Her character has seen the greatest transformation since previous incarnations and over the first four chapters of this season. The writers seem to want to make her more important and not so whiny and I can appreciate that. She's also looking pretty hot so far this season, which is always appovable. Sylar will awaken sooner than later it seems. Peter is going to be reuniting with Mr. Bennett afterall and Emma will play a bigger role in this whole story than previously thought. I really need to know more about what Samuel is planning before I can decide if it's plausible. I worry that the show is building up this epic anti-hero battle that falls flat on its face. Pairing Sylar and Samuel though may pay off immensely for an episode or two, until Sylar learns that Samuel is just the latest to use him for his abilities. It's amazing that as powerful as Sylar is he's yet to develop an ability to know when people are using him. Overall score: 70 out of 100