Review - Heroes: Chapter 5 - Tabula Rasa

This week's episode was all about motives. Samuel's motives for Sylar, Bennett's motives for Hiro and Peter and Hiro's motives for Emma. Are these motives enough to watch the episode? Read on to find out. Spoilers ahead. Instead of Mohinder we now have Samuel doing voiceover montages showcasing all the characters. Fun. While not doing voiceover work he's busy observing Sylar, who still thinks his name is Gabriel. Samuel realizes that a "great damage has been done to him" and wants to help him remember who he is. He wants to be called Nathan. He's also rocking the flannel and getting his hard labor on. All under the watchful eye of Samuel. It's pretty obvious that Samuel is grooming him in his image to unleash when necessary. It's awful convenient that Damien is on hand at the fair. See, Damien is the opposite of the Haitian in that he allows someone to relive all their memories. Damien accompanies Sylar to the hall of mirrors for a symbolic way to remember (self-reflection and all that) and the memories come flooding back. His mom and all her anger. And his killing her. And everybody else he's ever killed in his life. If Samuel were really smart he would know that flooding an individual with that many traumatic memories at once will have a negative effect on said individual. Or maybe he wants to further f up the most powerful mutant's mind. Samuel invited Ernie Hudson to the fair for reasons unknown at the time. It's only later that we learn that Samuel brought him there for the explicit reason to be fodder for Sylar's return to his past. You can tell that Gabriel doesn't want to hurt Hudson at first when confronting him. It isn't until he's shot at that he inadvertently stops the bullet and involuntarily shocks him. Right as you think Sylar is about to awaken Edgar bursts in and shivs Ernie repeatedly. Sylar decides that this would be an excellent time to join Samuel's family via baptism. Way to work in Berserker Milo. Peter is aware that Hiro is dying, so he takes his time traveling ability to save him. Which necessitates a visit to Bennett and a trip to Georgia to visit Jeremy Greer, a young lad with immense healing ability. Greer's ability has evolved and he can now take away life as well as give it. Bennett and Peter encounter him at his house where his parents, birds and plants are all dead. Bennett confronts the shotgun-wielding Greer and uses a blast from the gun as an excellent opportunity to realize the full potential of Hiro's power. It might be better for him to use that power BEFORE the buck enters and exits his body. Emma is getting more of a speaking role. Interesting. She's deaf, and the show has been selling that to this point. All of sudden she can talk now? Regularly? Regardless of her deafness she doesn't like her power and wants to turn it off. This leads to Hiro's regular role of comic relief and general joviality. Couldn't Hiro have just spent the episode in the hospital bed? I do appreciate his wanting to help Emma realize the beauty of her power as it keeps him in line with his helping people ability. The scene with Jeremy and Peter was pretty expected, although I was thinking that Bennett would force Greer to shoot him and then heal him. Instead we have Greer healing Peter. Peter takes his power and makes his way back to the hospital where Hiro is (by airplane of course). His arrival at the hospital finds zero Hiro. His bucket list was given a reminder to save Charlie and he uses the last possible minute before Peter returns to travel three years in the past to make amends with her. Not sure if the writers intentionally had "Rage" from "garage" written right beside him. This week was a lot of Sylar and Peter; zero Claire and Parkman which is fine. I really like the episodes that slow it down and focus on only one or two main characters per episode. It really helps the story feel so much more coherent and not quite as jumbled. The story told this week was a pretty solid entry that got things moving along just swimmingly. Sylar is nearing his complete reversal, where he'll no doubt turn on everyone under the sun. Not really a lot of action this week but that's fine by me. If the story is decent I'll be entertained and somewhat enthralled. Next week boasts more of the link between Sylar and Parkman, meaning the unraveling continues. Hopefully when Sylar loses it he really does lose it and we get some epic free-for-all. I do have some doubts about the continuity of the season so far. For example, why did Samuel make such a big deal about Hiro? He seemed to have really needed him and since their one encounter Samuel hasn't mentioned him again. Did I miss something? And why did Hiro go back in time to fix Ando and Hiro's sister? Just so they're happy now and it's on his bucket list? Little things like that are what drive me crazy with this show, because it seems that things happen when they're needed to push the story along. Hopefully these storylines get tightened up. Although I feel like I say that every week. Overall score: 78 out of 100