Review - Kill Audio #1

Well folks, we’re back again with a new and unique title from the original mind of Coheed and Cambria lead singer Claudio Sanchez and Boom! Studios. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m still trying to wrap my head around this comic. I think it takes place in this twisted world based around music where Kill Audio is a main character. If I had to describe it at gunpoint I’m not sure that I could. For those of you that watch Adult Swim late at night on Cartoon Network and have seen Superjail! before, I’d say it is a slightly less twisted version of that. Overall there are drugs, hallucinations, attempted murders, an invincible hero and unique and original characters on every page. Read on for a review and my official verdict on this totally new and unique title… We are greeted by the internal monologue of our hero in a black and white dark art style where the only color is red and blood. Kill Audio is annoyed, and justifiably so, as it appears that creatures resembling knives are throwing knives at him. This appears to all be a part of the evil plan of Fix-Ler (Fix) to attempt to kill the hero. After several knives to the chest and a meat cleaver to the shoulder, Kill Audio informs us that he can not die! Kill Audio asks why Fix keeps trying to kill him, and he says that it is his purpose. Perhaps the problem with Kill Audio is he has not yet found his. As Kill Audio considers this a portal appears underneath him and he plummets to the ground in what appears to be a busy city. During his fall Kill Audio decides he must visit The Watchtower where Clockwork, the creator, resides to find his purpose. As he instantly heals Wolverine style he hears the sound of music on the rooftop that he landed on. Here he encounters the wanna-be drugged up gangster Chicken Coke Daddy. After an amusing encounter and a solid three slap combo snaps the rooster out of it they join up on their journey. Suddenly, the scene shifts to a basketball court where a skeleton in what looks like a badger costume and a pillow with a face that can talk are playing a game and getting drunk. Did I say this was weird? Beav and DJ (respectively) are discussing playing a game and other philosophical differences in playing Stairway to Heaven when Kill Audio and Chicken enter. Unfortunately, as Kill Audio tries to move forward he suddenly can’t move and finds that his feet, out of nowhere, are two cement blocks. Fix is back! He straps a chain to Kill Audio, tapes his mouth shut, and launches him into a nearby canal. After 10 days Kill Audio is suffocating eternally and wishing for death when Beav, DJ, and Chicken pull him out with a crane and tell him to stop whining. I don’t know, I thought it was justified. Chicken does some drugs, hallucinates, and ends up humping a car. Beav and DJ are not impressed, have some witty dialogue, and then Beav the skeleton in a beaver costume pretty much destroys Chicken with the ball to snap him out of it. As they approach a rather scary looking tunnel with the appropriate sign “Gates to Hell” Beav plays some Whitney Houston to lighten the mood. Good times. As lyrics fill the air for some new song, the gang is trapped by some red…things. Their leader and a two headed woman with a fish tail and a rudimentary mace fight briefly, and then she offers a kiss to Kill Audio. Apparently that was her husband and she is now single. One half of her will kill anyone, and the other half allows safe passage to Clockwork. Kill Audio accepts, doesn’t die (because he can’t) and the woman whose name is Distress says to give the wizard Clockwork her regards. With his arrival Fix one last time tries to kill Kill Audio with a shotgun blast to the head. We get a nice view of brains, but he promptly grows back half his head and enters to find his destiny. Kill Audio is the solution to fixing the music. Okay…so what do I love about this book? In two words…the art. Black, white, and red with a different and unique feel to it. Some of the conversation is quite witty as well, even though I’m sure that there are about 100 references to music that I am missing. I also think there is a story in here that could be really intriguing. So what challenged me a bit? This might be a little TOO over the top for me. Fix appears out of nowhere with creative ways to attempt to kill Kill Audio. At times the book doesn’t flow that well because of the abrupt changes of setting. It is almost like one of those endless tapestry things you can find online that just shift scenes and seem to track into themselves forever. I did, however, find myself enjoying the book much more the second time through though. The characters really are funny, and if nothing else I am interested to know how Kill Audio can save music. This one is out on shelves now so if you are in the mood for a completely unique, somewhat violent and graphic, well drawn, trippy comic and love music, this might just be the title for you!