Review - We Kill Monsters #4

I have to start this review of We Kill Monsters #4 with one thought: this one blew my mind. It had everything that you could possibly want from a comic: action-packed, funny and pushed the story where you can’t wait for the next issue. The most amazing part about this issue is the freaking twist ending that I did not see coming and just pulled me in deeper to what makes We Kill Monster an awesome comic. Get ready to continue Jake’s and Andrews’s story. Be warned spoilers ahead. This issue starts off catching you up and showing the local sheriffs receiving reports of more monsters all around the county. They are immediately attacked and Jake and Andrew are returning to town after hunting down the flying monster. They come back to a town on fire and nobody around and wondering what could of happened. At that moment Vanessa’s boyfriend shows up to fill them in and to take her to a safe place. Jake and Andrew go on to hunt down some more monsters, and before you know it a bunny looking monster arrives to steal their cooler. This cooler contained the monster egg given to the sheriff and this is where it gets funny. Jake runs after the cooler and Andrew thinks he wants the egg back, but no he wants the cooler. When I read that and why he wanted it because of sentimental reasons I just lost it and laughed my ass off for a bit. This makes reading a comic like this great as you have this non-stop action and then out of now where the comedy; it meshes perfectly. Off they go after this bunny monster chasing it into a supermarket. Of course Jake gets his ass kicked for a bit by Mr. Bunny (his name for the monster) and finds himself thrown over a counter right next to his brother. They decide on a plan. Andrew would see if the coast was clear and then they would make a run for their truck. Well needless to say the coast wasn’t clear, and as soon as Andrew looked over the counter the monster was right there roaring at him. He ducks back down as his brother says “He does look like the cereal rabbit.” I lost it again after reading this. Eventually they get the cooler back from the bunny by giving it the monster egg, and after promptly running off the two brothers can rest and collect themselves as they got a beatdown. This next part is where this comic does a crazy twist that was just something way out there I never even thought of it. We find ourselves back with Vanessa and her boyfriend Dennis at her dad’s house. Dennis is convincing her to stay the night because it is too dangerous to go out at night and she does not feel safe. Dennis calms her down and convinces her to stay, and then states that he has to go out to his car to get the gun out of the trunk. Now this is the crazy part as he is looking through the trunk he hears a noise behind him, spinning around and shinning his light he is standing face to face with the bunny monster from early. What does the bunny monster do, but present the monster egg to Dennis. That's what blew my mind as I never figured he was the mastermind behind it all. It makes some much sense now after reading this issue and I can’t wait for the next issue. If you have been reading this series you definitely need to pick this one up as it will blow your mind. If you haven’t been reading this series then what's wrong with you? You're passing up a kickass story that will deliver all the things you look for in a comic. As you can tell I really enjoy this issue and the ones before it as Laura Harkom and Christopher Leone have created an excellent story. The publisher (Red 5 Comics) made a wise choice with this one (another great comic you should check out is Drone). Hoped you enjoyed the review and learned a little bit more about We Kill Monsters.