Review - Witchblade #131

After being reintroduced to the series during the super-ultra-mega review of War of the Witchblades I am more then pleased to be back with a simple review of what I can only assume will be the continuation of the story in Witchblade #131. All in all the series has reached a reboot point and I am interested in where Ron Marz is going to take this story with the writing. Sara has wreaked some havoc while out of balance with the dark and I suspect this issue will have a lot to do with the repercussions of her actions. If you didn’t catch the review of the War of the Witchblades, check it out here and for a review of where the series will go next, read on. This issue obviously references those events in War of the Witchblades so you may want to check that series out before delving into future Witchblade reviews. The Witchblade has been reunited in its full capacity within Sara Pezzini and her friend Danielle Baptiste has emerged as the new host for the Angelus force. We open back in Sara’s apartment where her sister Julie (fresh out of prison) is trying to feed Sara’s baby. Gleason, Sara’s boyfriend, comes home with groceries and he and Julie get to talking about everything. Julie has missed out on a lot of her sister’s life while in prison and it looking to catch up. We flash from there to Sara on her jog, but it appears that she has found some trouble. That never happens does it? Sara encounters a man with a gun holding onto a kid. We are treated to a nice method here of filling in the aftermath of the War of the Witchblades with a good old fashioned cop chase. As Sara begins to unleash her powers, Gleason continues to talk to Julie. Sara was given a letter of reprimand for no showing for work, but otherwise remains unscathed. The Captain, who is Dani’s mother, knows something supernatural is up but has taken a "don’t ask, don’t tell" stance with Dani and Sara. Sara is a good cop, and the department keeps good cops on the street. In the meantime Sara has caught up with the suspect, who is now holding a gun to the kids head. As Gleason and Julie discuss how the Witchblade is scary and whether some piece of the darkness is now unleashed and waiting, Sara admits that she is beginning to wonder if she can control the power to the thug. She disarms him and rather violently disables him, seeming to fight with the hunger of the Witchblade the entire time. The girl is safe, but we are left to wonder is Sara? Back to Sara’s apartment where the baby is now fed and bathed when Sara calls Gleason to say something has come up and she needs to see Dani. While I was hoping it was to discuss her urges, it turns out Dani or Angelus (or bot are heading back to New Orleans with their friend Finch to try to figure things out. No one is quite sure what is going on, or why things happened the way they did, but that’s just fate sometimes isn’t it? It seems that in the past Angelus used its host as puppets, and because of that the Darkness has won a lot of battles. Dani is actually in control, and this might be a new beginning for the forces of light. Sara finally returns home, and in the arms of Gleason she finally rests her eyes. In that rest we are treated to a vision of the Witchblade in its former or perhaps present forms. They are welcoming Sara back from the darkness and the adventure begins anew. I know she is a good cop and everything but it seems a little weird that Sara just gets off the hook for all the stuff that’s just happened. I suppose when it's all quasi-paranormal these things happen. Now that everyone has hugged it out I’m sure we will get back to normal in the next episode. All in all the storylines were tied up, and unresolved issues settled. The Witchblade is hungry, and things may soon get tough for Sara and her friends and family. The slate is pretty clean and while this issue didn’t really have a lot of action, it has set up Sara for a battle with a perhaps not quite completely extinguished darkness while she returns to work as a police officer, mother, and friend. For now, as the vision said…Welcome home!