Stephen King turns vampire

It's kind of amazing to me that as popular as Stephen King is as a horror writer he's never really delved extensively into vampires. I mean, it's got to happen sooner or later right? With True Blood and Twilight all the rage among, well, everybody, it makes sense that King would get into the vampire swing of things. I don't think anyone expected it to be as a comic though. According to the NY Times, Vertigo is set to release the first issue of American Vampire in March. The new series will start with a five-issue arc and will be illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque. The first issue will contain two 16-page stories, one by Scott Snyder and one by King. And it all came about because Snyder wanted a King blurb for the book. “He wrote back saying he really liked it and would do a couple of issues if anyone would let him,” Mr. Snyder said. The series is about a new breed of vampire in the eyes of different eras in American history. Pearl is seeking fame in the jazz age (by Snyder) and Skinner Sweet is the first American vampire not in fear of the sun (by King). Both stories should be somewhat fresh with the American angle of the vampires. More and more instances of vampires in pop culture are putting them in American situations and histories, which is interesting. I'm not the biggest Stephen King buff but I'm not aware of much of his work involving vampires. I could be wrong, but it'll be interesting to see King's take on the blood-sucking undead. I've never really been the biggest fan of King, but he's clearly doing something right since his books sell gobs and gobs of copies. It's also interesting that Vertigo is publishing it when Marvel is publishing the Dark Tower saga. Stay tuned. Stephen King turns vampire