UWS Publishing opens its doors

Up until now there really hasn't been many publishers exclusively committed to digital comics. Leave it to a Naval Officer to create one of the first. Officially opening for business today is Underwater Samurai Studios, the brainchild of Naval officer Rob McClellan, publisher Tim Welch and web marketer Thomas James. In a partnership with Space Goat Productions their plan is to bring comics to the digital platforms. Their first work is called Soldiers. The artwork is formatted for the 3x2 ratio of digital scresns (as will all comics from the publisher). This is the format for the publisher with the exception of back catalogs of artists they sign which will be made available in print. These conversions will be completely remastered and relettered, taking full advantage of the digital presentation. Soldiers is available for free online and will be made available for digital devices in the near future. Check it out online at www.soldiersthecomic.com. Full press release after the jump. UWS Publishing Press Release October 7, 2009 UWS Publishing and it's Digital Comics branch, Underwater Samurai Studios, have officially opened their doors for business. Created by Rob McClellan, naval officer; Tim Welch, a publisher with 25 year's experience; and elite web marketer Thomas James, UWS and Underwater Samurai are focusing their considerable energy and experience on the digital comic market. Partnered with Space Goat Productions, the comic talent agency to Marvel, DC, and Image; Infurious Republic, iphone app developer; KingdomInteractive, and WpbyDesign, one of the web's top Wordpress designers, UWS Publishing is bringing their extremely high production quality and multiplatform distribution strategy to digital comics. Underwater Samurai Studios promotes and publishes comics specifically for the digital market. Their first title, SOLDIERS (www.soldiersthecomic.com), is now available for free on it's website and, shortly, for paid download to mobile devices. SOLDIERS is made for mobile devices – it's artwork and story are specifically formatted for the 3x2 atio of digital screens. Underwater Samurai will be producing all of it's titles in this format, the only print page to digital "conversions" will be for the back catalogs of the artists they sign. Unlike typical digital “conversions” from print, Underwater Samurai titles will be completely remastered and relettered to ensure the original art is preserved while granting the reader a smooth and seamless reading xperience. Underwater Samurai Studios is looking to recruit from the webcomic community as well as print comic professionals, as they believe the web community is an extraordinarily innovative voice in comics today. As a result of the cost saving advantages of digital, creators will be paid generous royalties as well as a percentage of the advertising and merchandising income their title's site generates. Creators will remain in control of their own intellectual property, keeping all creative rights. UWS Publishing will retain print and digital distribution rights for the duration specified in the contract. For more information on UWS Publishing or Underwater Samurai Studios, visit their websites at www.uwspublishing.com and www.underwatersamurai.com. To see their premier digital comic SOLDIERS, go to www.soldiersthecomic.com