Venom movie gets a director

It makes sense that Marvel would want a Venom movie. The Todd McFarlane co-creation has garnered quite a fan following despite his nefarious tendencies. It's been in the works for at least two years (since Spider-man 3 hit theaters) and now it appears that the film has a writer and a director. And it may be the same person in a writector role. According to Variety, Gary Ross has been brought onto rewrite the script and potentially direct the movie. He's currently working on a rewrite of Spider-man 4 (a script that has gone through about four rewrites to this point) and has worked with Tobey Maguire before (Seabiscuit). So he's clearly interested in the Spider-man mythos and could do a great job with the Venom movie. But will he? A quick glance at Ross's IMDB page indicates he also wrote Pleasantville, The Tale of Despareaux and Big (yes, that Big). Not quite the resume I'd look for in writing a comic book movie based on a secondary character. Not to take anything away from Ross's talents, however I'm a little uneasy. Putting both Spider-man 4 and Venom on Ross is a lot for a writer/director trying to make a name for himself. The good news is we could see some cross-pollination between the first films. See, people were torn on Spider-man 3. It was definitely the most ambitious of the three and I'm convinced it was made with the thought in mind that it would be the last time Toby Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Raimi would be together. So there's was most likely the perceived need to throw in everything Spidey, including Gwen Stacy and Venom. Venom was really added in at the behest of Sony (or so I've heard) and his character wasn't really done justice. But both characters were in the movie at the same time. Which is why it sort of worked. I've said before that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do a Venom movie without Spider-man. In that case, does Maguire sign on for the Venom movie? Does Topher Grace come back in some miraculous fashion? Here's my thinking. Spider-man 4 will feature Venom (again) as a background character that will spin into Venom's own movie. Who he'll face in that movie is anyone's guess, but Carnage would be a great villain for the Venom movie. In that case, Venom would sort of become the anti-hero and would set up for an insane movie. You could also throw in the Thunderbolts but again, who's the adversary? Venom is a villain. There's no way around it. He antagonizes good guys and a movie with no good guys may not work the best. This is going to start getting more fleshed out the closer we get to Spider-man 4, so in the meantime get your thinking caps on and temper the excitement. Venom movie gets a director