Yes Men take over the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

If you're ever in New York City you need to make your way to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. The small, loft-sized museum doesn't have a whole lot in the way of comic book art, but the exhibits it does boast are worth the $5 donation. If you happen to be in the area Wednesday (October 7) from 5-6 PM there will be an extra special exhibit for free. The event is a comic book release and signing with The Yes Men and artist Rebecca Migdal. Admission is free, the comic is free. The only thing you've got to front is the transportation there and perhaps a meal (have to stay healthy). The new comic is called Judgement Day and there's also a film called The Yes Men Fix the World releasing as well. If you make you're way to the signing you'll be able to get the comic for free and most likely get it signed as well. You're probably wondering what to expect from the comic. Mike and Andy set sail to fix the world while going green, however their paths cross with pirates, Paul Watson and the bloodthirsty Great White Whaler. You can check it out online here and make your way to the signing if you're in the area.