Zenescope Limited Edition Prints

Anything that you label as "Limited Edition" is guaranteed to be a big hit. Most likely because the label really does mean supplies are limited, and if you don't get that order in sooner than later you'll miss out. Zenescope has a slew of prints available on their website that boast this label and are limited to 100 prints each. The prints include all their timeless heroines, including Goldilocks, Grimm Fairy Tales, Little Mermaid and even Pinnochio. Each one is 13x19 in size and will set you back $40. Most of them probably look familiar and that's because they're mostly archival images from previous covers. But hey, if you're looking for a Zenescope print you've got 24 to choose from (technically 2,400 if you look at each design's 100 print run). Check them out if you're looking to fill that appropriately sized 13 x 19 sized blank space on your wall. And we're talking Zenescope prints here, so don't yell at me if you click over and aren't ready to close the window immediately. Zenescope Limited Edition Prints