Broadway finds Spider-Man

Oh Associated Press, you lovable scamp. We turn to you when we need news yet no one is willing to break it. Like the casting of Spider-man in the Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark broadway spectacular. The man tapped to play the operatic inclined webslinger? None other than Reeve Carney. Yeah I don't think I've heard of him either. A quick Google search discovered that Carney is the lead singer of, well, Carney. The self-proclaimed "up and coming rock band" just released a single called "Love Me Chase Me," while the band's first full length album is set to drop in early 2010. Carney has also acted in the film vesions of The Tempest and Snow Falling on Cedars. The former was directed by Julie Taymor, who is directing the Spidey musical. I can't really comment on his casting because I know literally nothing about him. His picture screams teenage angst that of course works well in the world of Spider-Man. And he is in a band so presumably he'll be able to belt out the Bono and Edge scored musical. I'm going into this with an open mind that he'll pan out, but we'll see. Honestly though, for a film dangerously close to not even having funding at all to get anyone to play the lead role has to be reassuring. The musical is slated to debut in early (February?) 2010, but that timeline may be a little delayed due to the funding issue and just finally finding the lead. Regardless, the entire show should be pretty great, so stay tuned. This could be the start of a whole new world when it comes to comic book adaptations.