Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #1 in February

Pandora's Box is full of ills and when opened does not bode well for those in the world. If you mix in a Broken Trinity also well, let's just say things probably won't end well for one or many. Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #1 hopes to answer the above quandary of combining the two combustible forces. Written by Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill, Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box also features art by Alessandro Vitti and a cover by Tommy Lee Edwards. In the story, Finn and Glori are the bearers of the Glacier and Ember Stones. A fanatic cult embarks on a quest to remake the world with Pandora's Box and prompts Finn and Glori to speed up their quest for the 7 Dragon, I mean, 13 Artifacts. The 32-page book is due in stores February 17 for $3.99. Peep the cover above.