Defense with the BoomPick

Every week a slew of new comics come out, making you choose which to buy and which to wait for. There are a bunch of reliable comics that you can pick up with guaranteed great stories and action that makes you go back again and again for more. Sometimes though you have to pick up that comic you might have never heard of and reading it will open your eyes to the larger world of comics. Today my pick of the week is a comic I have not heard of personally, but am intrigued by the premise and story involved. My pick is a comic from Oni Press and is titled Stumptown #1. What sets this new series apart from most other comics is the main character is not the conventional one you might see in comics. Our heroine is named Dex, and she's the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations as a P.I. It seems a penchant for gambling has put her in hot water with the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 18 grand with no clear way of paying it back. Fortunately for Dex she catches a break from Sue-Lynne, who is the head of the Wind Coast's casino operation. She will clear all debt owed by Dex if she can locate the missing granddaughter of Sue-Lynne. While any chance of getting one’s self clear can always backfire in this case it might send Dex down a path that is a lot worse than her current one. To find out this and see the tale of a P.I. who might be getting in over her head tomorrow when this issue is available.