Defense with the BoomPick

Always do enjoy when Wednesday rolls around as a slew of new comics come out to read and take in. Of course today is only Tuesday so you have to wait for all those new comics, but don’t despair as we here at Omnicomic are bringing to you all the comics you need to know about and pick up tomorrow. One comic above all the others is the next issue in an ongoing series that has not disappointed me yet and is freaking hilarious. This comic I speak of is Deadpool #17, the latest issue of the ongoing saga of our favorite Merc with the Mouth. A lot has been happening in this series that found Deadpool first fighting in the Skrull invasion, only to find himself a wanted man and forced to run. After trying all sorts of things (even being a pirate and having more money than he could spend) Deadpool tries something new and crazy: joining the X-Men. And the crazier part is they accepted him. Their thinking is if he's a part of the X-Men they can keep an eye on him and find out what sort of angle he's playing. But between the voice in Deadpool's head and his tendency to do whatever is fun, nobody can possibly figure out his motive. Make sure to pick this one up tomorrow to find out how it all plays out. And check out a preview below.