Defense with the BoomStick

Hey there folks. It seems Monday has happened upon us mighty quickly again and ya know what that means. It's Brandon here, bringing to you the news you need to know and the tip of the week to help keep you alive. Today I've decided to change it up a bit and will be giving you the news, but instead of a tip I'm going to tell you the story of the last mission I went on that had me away from here a Monday ago. Let's get to it then. To start I have some news to report, beginning with reports about the entire island of the United Kingdom has been lost to zombies. Last I heard from anyone near there had every refugee getting out of there by whatever means possible and most were heading to New England and also to Iceland.
If you're in those regions be prepared for a massive influx of people to which I am sure some of the boats are going to have people turn into zombies on them so be careful when boarding them. I caught wind of islands in the Pacific Ocean down near Thailand are free of zombies and are allowing people to land there. That’s it for the news and now for a story of horror and courage.
We received a distress call from a group of survivors out in Boise, Idaho, and we decided to send a team out to try and help them. We drove towards one of my outposts in the area to retrieve more gear and new vehicles to wait until we get their signal again. After a day or so we catch them broadcasting and contact them, learning their location and situation as they are holed up in some building on the outskirts of some town maybe 23 miles from our location. Needless to say it wasn’t an easy journey for them as we were only seven guys total between two vehicles but we left room for any survivors if need be. We set up at a spot to monitor the situation at their location as they are surrounded by zombies (at least three dozen).

The course of action we took might not of been the best plan, but it was a workable one. Our goal was for us to roll past, get the zombies following us as the people inside the building would run out get in their cars and meet us at a rendezvous place. Didn’t go too well, in the middle of us driving past the crowd of zombies and killing a few while we can another group comes out of nowhere on the other side.

We immediately floor it to get out of there and end up having my second vehicle crash into a tree. One guy was killed when he was thrown from the car right into zombies and the other two guys made it into the building with the survivors. We head back to the outpost to check ourselves out, rest and rearm as they are about to be overrun in there. Basically we decided to set up some sniper positions to start thinning out the horde of zombies bearing down on them, getting them down to a more managable level close to when we headed in. We pulled up and they all came running out. Suddenly a few zombies come around the corner and grab some of the people coming out of the building. What made it crazy is the people that went to try and help them and ended up getting nabbed themselves.

They showed great bravery and sacrifice in trying to save their friends knowing they will die. There was no time to do anything and we pulled off as fast as we could head to the outpost before the long trek back to my compound. It took longer to get back then originally thought of, as there were times the group needed to stop and grieve because of their losses. It’s never a good day when you lose people, as most of us still living and fighting today know that feeling of loss. We eventually get back to the compound and the new survivors are welcomed in and given a place to sleep without the fear of zombies. Sometimes that little feeling of safety is all a person needs to let it all go and take comfort in something. This past mission was a rough one as you can see and some good people were lost to those bloody zombies. Next week I will have a tip for you, but I just wanted to share a little bit with ya’ll about what’s been going on around here with me. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.