Defense with the BoomStick

Hello, hello radioland. It appears Monday has hit us again. Brandon here, bringing my weekly broadcast to all those who are listening. Been a busy past week around this area and from the chatter I have been hearing it’s been busy around the world also. Enough small talk. Let’s get started. First off news. Heard some intel coming out of Pakistan and Afghanistan that they are holding strong there and are welcoming refugees with no restrictions. If you can make it to that part of the world then keep hope for a place to start life over again. Caught some news from Guam and the U.S. base there that a large part of the government is stationed and growing their forces.

They have the island surrounded by what is left of the Navy and are screening survivors to keep the infection out. Also, the huge offensive in the Northeast is going well although the huge wall idea that was conceived and is being carried out has hit some snags. It is coming along slower than originally thought, but they are holding out and still keeping that region secure. That’s it for the news now onto the tip of the week. Today I am going to go over the different type of aircrafts you might come across and think to try and use to either escape from zombies or to head towards a safe zone.

Now if you have never flown a plane or helicopter trying to do so will more than likely end with it crashing or not going anywhere at all and you finding yourself surrounded by zombies. When you use any vehicle caution must be exercised as noise is what draws zombies to you and make a situation go from bad to downright deadly. Probably the most readily available types of aircraft are planes and helicopters as they are used worldwide.

In regards to airplanes they are a great way of crossing great distances quickly and can give you a way of scouting areas from a safe vantage point. Only downside is the need for fuel and finding suitable locations to land and refuel without becoming a snack for some zombie. When used right a plane can do a great many things to enhance your survival. With helicopters you gain the plus of being able to take off and land from practically any location that gives you a nice level spot. This is useful when needing to extract quickly out of a hot zone or to rescue possible survivors. Sometimes this works against you as the noise can draw zombies to you quickly and you have to act just as fast. A helicopter works best if you are operating out of a secure location, that way you have a good place to return to and refuel. If you manage to find a military helicopter then this opens a number of new uses as you can do defense with it, clear an escape path for ground forces or even clear a place for survivors.

If you plan on using any aircraft you have to make sure that they are properly maintained and looked after. It would ruin your day if in the middle of flight and over dangerous territory you have a problem and have to land. The same rules apply to your weapons and your own body keeping it all in working order is key to staying alive. That concludes my broadcast for today. Still have much work to do before the sun goes down. Until next week this is Brandon signing off and remember to keep fighting and keep hope alive.