Defense with the BoomStick

Hey there folks, if you're listening to this broadcast then you already know about it or perhaps your first time listening. My name is Brandon and I bring to all the survivors a weekly broadcast detailing all the recent news and possible safe places you could go, even throwing in a tip of the week to help you survive. Let’s get it started then. First off we have some news. A bunch of strongholds in the Colorado Rockies have sprung up offering safety for survivors. I don’t have the exact location coordinates yet, but when I do will broadcast them. I can suggest that if you are in that area head for the scarcest places of human civilizations in the Rockies as that is where they have been broadcasting their general location.

They won’t be near any huge cities or towns at all with the threat of zombies to high. There are elements of the United States military there helping to maintain their safe zones and assist survivors coming to them. On another topic it looks like the huge wall they were building to isolate a good part of New England has been just about completed. It stretches from the border of Canada down to the coast in Connecticut with about all zombies behind the wall dead. That's all for the news and now it’s time for the tip of the week. For my tip today I'm going to go over some basic skills for doing a dangerous run into a small town in search of supplies.

Sound is one of your worst enemies as zombies are attracted to it and will stop at nothing until they find the source or something else distracts them. When venturing into towns for supplies make sure to keep anything that could produce noise behind with the rest of your group or in a safe place if on your own. Wear clothing that is tight with nothing protruding off of it that can be snagged on something or grabbed by a zombie.

When you are heading into the town only carry what you absolutely need, such as your primary weapon, a backup weapon, bag to carry the supplies in and communication device to keep in contact with the rest of your team. Remember zombies are slow and can be easily dodged if in a good open space and not too many are around. Try not to use your firearm if at all possible until it is necessary. Bring a melee weapon of some sort unless you have a silenced weapon to give yourself better odds of getting what you need and not drawing attention.

Knowing where you are heading in the town can speed up your trip and minimize the number of encounters you might have with zombies. While making your way through the town make sure to avoid broken glass and walking in front of darkened storefronts, since you can’t tell what lurks inside. Keep to alleys and backyards when possible to keep you hidden and advance your chances of success. It’s up to you on how many people to send in, but I suggest a small group to do the mission as it works better and you can have the rest outside of town as support and a ready escape if needed.

Always remember you have to stay focused on the mission, get in and get out no time for anything else; wasted time will only lead to not getting the supplies or losing the entire group. When choosing a place to raid, observe it for a bit before going in to get an understanding of what you might be facing and see how many zombies could be in there. Another option you have is use bait to lure as many zombies out of the town with a team in vehicles to improve the odds of your scavenger team. There you have it for today. Without everyone of us doing what we can to ensure the survival of the human race what is life worth living for? Until next week, this is Brandon signing off. And remember keep fighting and keep surviving.