Defense with the BoomStick

Ready to transmit. Hello there it’s Brandon and if you are listening then you know what time of the week it is. Bringing at you all the news you need to hear and knowledge that will keep you alive to help win the war against the zombies. No sense beating around the bush so let’s get to it. For the news, it’s been a whirlwind of things going on around the world. Looks like New Zealand has been just about taken over by zombies. There are a string of survivor towns throughout the countryside areas that are holding on, but it’s looking grim. The New England region is more secure now than last week after the completion of the huge wall, but the worrying side is the Canadian border that is showing an uptick in zombie battles throughout there. Immediately after this I caught a broadcast saying for no refugees to come towards that area from any direction except for the sea as they are killing anything near the wall or the border.

Also most of the castle safe zones throughout the United Kingdom are under siege, but are holding out and expanding their fortifications. I have received reports from my scouts that here in the United States more survivor towns are popping up in the old small ones that dotted the northern border with Canada in the most mountainous regions. They are allowing refugees to settle in their towns provided you aren’t infected and can bring some supplies in any form to help their overall cause. Now for this week I have a bit of bad news to tell you that there won’t be a tip of the week today. This week, we have a day to remember coming up on Thursday what presents me with my topic for today. This Thursday is Thanksgiving, a day of remembrance and being thankful for those few things we have in our life.

Anyone alive today and not holed up in a bunker has seen firsthand the destruction that this zombie plague has caused. It’s our everyday life that we must face and deal with or you are just dead, because laying down and dying isn’t an option. If we ever just give up and roll over for this enemy there is no becoming a prisoner; you're alive fighting or dying giving up. Getting off point there for a second, but today I just want to talk about taking a moment sometime this week to remember. I know remember all that has happened since the outbreak started is never a fun time as we have all loss people close to us and done things we never thought we would do. Wherever you are just take some time to be thankful that you are still alive and staying that way to make sure we outlast them all.

As an old teacher of mine used to always say: “outlast the bastard”. That's what we have to do if we have any chance of getting life back to something without a fear of death around every corner. Take that time to remember and to forge ahead with the goal of every person to get rid of all the zombies and live a life that means something. I know I have it a bit better as I was prepared for this outbreak if it ever happened (which clearly it did) but I've lost people as well and will take time to remember the fallen. That’s all for today as I've got work to do and zombies to kill. Until next week, this is Brandon signing off.