Defense with the BoomStick

Hello out there. It's Brandon here and it looks like Monday has come upon us again mighty quickly. Been a busy weekend with attacks and distress calls going off around the Midwest keeping us busy. Without further delay I bring to you the news and tip of the week. First off the news. It looks like a bit of a slow week in the world. Not a lot of zombie activity in the inhabited areas and things have been quiet just about everywhere worldwide. For the wall being built in the New England region they have encircled the Canadian border side and now have that entire area surrounded and secure for refugees. The most accessible points of entry are the sea ports, as most land routes attract hordes of zombies to the one remaining land gate.

Also Alaska has seen a huge influx of refugees as well because zombies can’t survive in that condition, so head that way. Cuba is once again producing supplies and exports that they are willing to trade with anyone who can pay. With that we have the news and now for the tip of the week. Today I am going to go over a good method for clearing out a building when doing a search for supplies.

Now depending on the type of building light will be an issue if there aren’t enough windows so plan ahead. Find a point of entrance out of sight to not draw attention to yourself and establish a base room to operate out of. This will be your fall back point and place of rest while doing the search; if it’s a big building make sure to do it slowly if allowed the time. You want to make sure to sweep every room with two people teams at all times to insure each other’s safety. Focus on clearing the building first, but once that's complete then begin your supply collection and gather enough to not overburden yourself. Depending on what sort of surrounding the building is in while doing the search make sure to keep an eye on the situation outside to keep you escape window open.

Now if you're going to do a supply run in a supermarket then make sure to use the door on the side or back and do it during the day. If you do it during the day then there are no lights to shine through the big window and display a buffet for any zombies outside making it an overall safer situation. Keep low to the ground while maneuvering the aisles and if you do run into zombies while in the store try to take them out as quietly as possible with melee weapons or silenced ones. Never waste time once the building is secure; get all the supplies you can and get out otherwise you invite yourself to becoming on the menu for the zombies that are sure to be on the way. That's all for today. Until next week this is Brandon signing off and remember to keep fighting and keep surviving.