First Look - The Waking

Zenescope is nothing if not a fine purveyor of adult fairy tales. The stories tend to add a modern, sexy twist to timeless childhood classics such as Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. The thing is that usually those books actually stand pretty well on their own and have a story that exists outside of the traditional fairy tale mythos. So you have to excuse Raven Gregory's excitement for a brand new, creator owned property due out that doesn't have a fairy tale heroine. In The Waking, four police detectives are investigating two routine murders. Sounds like just about any show on television right? But there's a twist. See, in these cases the victims of the crimes are coming back from the dead with revenge on their mind. Not like just about any show on television. It's up to the detectives to find the source of the "awakenings" and decide whether or not Lady Justice is fair to the criminals. Or if vengeance is the better punishment for those wrongdoers. The book is due in stores in February and you can check out some promo art after the jump. I'm going to try and swing an interview with Mr. Gregory about the series and I'm sure Tom will have a review at some point. Stay tuned.